The Garden Table Gives Us a "Fresh" Take on Cocktails

Cold-Pressed Juice Bar Ventures into the Cocktail Arena and Nails It

It’s no secret that fresh-squeezed juice is critical to making great cocktails.

But what would happen if a juice bar started slinging alcoholic drinks of their own?

The experiment is currently underway in Indianapolis. The Garden Table, a cold-pressed juice company, just opened a farm-to-table restaurant near Downtown.

The new location includes a full kitchen, a Third-Wave cafe, and a cocktail bar featuring the transcendent flavors of fresh-pressed juice.

The Garden Table features a full restaurant, cafe, and bar.

Not Another Health Craze

Healthy cocktails are a sort of trend right now, but I would not put The Garden Table in this niche. They seem to elevate beyond the category, not creating healthy drinks because they’re popular, but because it’s all they know how to do. 

The Garden Table has used their cold-press prowess to create a cocktail menu full of delicious and truly unique flavor combinations.

The Garden Table bar features several local spirits, like Starlight Rock and Rye from Huber Winery

Beyond Citrus

The Garden Table goes way beyond lemons and limes for their juice. They experiment with everything from cashews to jalapeño, all pressed daily in-house. Nearly all of their original cocktails feature one of their cold-pressed juice blends, but the bar is always coming up with new flavor combinations.

“Having a massive commercial juicer in house means the possibilities are endless,” said Jessie Kelley, co-owner of The Garden Table.

"Farm-to-table" extends all the way to the decor at The Garden Table

The Juice

The cold-pressed juice menu reads somewhat like a cocktail menu: fun names followed by a list of mouthwatering flavor combinations:

Hoosier Heater  

Apple, Orange, Spinach, Kale, Cilantro, Jalapeño, and Lime

Tropic Tonic

Pineapple, Kale, Spinach, Parsley, Lemon, Aloe, and Mint

Lush Love

Watermelon, Ruby Grapefruit, Coconut Water, Lime, and Basil

Garden Gate

Red Beet, Carrot, Apple, Celery, Lemon,Turmeric, Ginger, and Black Pepper

The cocktail menu features several drinks with cold-pressed juice

The Drinks

These juice blends are like supermixers for cocktails. The ultra-fresh approach lets you experience familiar spirits in an entirely new way.

The current cocktails include:

Hurricane Smith
Sipsmith gin, house Tropic Tonic juice, lime, simple syrup, mint & lime garnish.

The Hot Koala

La Caravedo Pisco, Hoosier Heater juice, lime, pineapple syrup, eucalyptus bitters, prosecco, pomegranate seeds garnish

Oops Baby

St. George’s Green Chile vodka, green tomato juice, lime, rosemary-sage simple syrup, and a pepper leather garnish.

The drinks also feature homemade syrups and several local spirits, meaning you’d be hard-pressed to find the same cocktail anywhere else in the world.

The bar at Garden Table

The Pros and Cons of Running a Farm-to-Table Bar

While the benefits of running a farm-to-table bar are clear, there are also limitations on the ingredients available.

“What we have in-house is constantly rotating, so garnishes and such can change daily,” said bar manager Craig Rogers, “But it is also the most exciting part about it. Our drinks are constantly evolving.”

The Garden Table plans to change their menu seasonally and the staff are constantly coming up with concoctions of their own (See “Barista’s Second Choice” below).

No matter what drink you choose, you can be sure it will be fresh, flavorful, and totally unique.

Barista's Second Choice


1 1/2 oz. Plantation Rum 

1/2 oz. orange juice 

1/2 oz. Lemon juice 

1/2 oz. Orgeat syrup 

1/2 oz. St. Georges NOLA coffee liqueur 

3 dashes citrus bitters 

3 dashes cinnamon powder 


Add all ingredients into a shaker

Shake with ice and double strain over clean rock

Garnish with orange peel and dried orange ring



Story Behind the Cocktail

We don't know what Barista's FIRST choice is, but this is Number 1 in our book. This homemade concoction from The Garden Table is juicy, sweet, and reminds us of orange-flavored coffee cake.

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