Four Line Supply Launches Customized Cocktail Recipe Journals for Brands

The company’s new wholesale program offers branded journals for POS and Merchandising

DALLAS, March 3, 2017 -- Four Line Supply, creators of the Spirit, Mixer, Glass & Garnish cocktail recipe journal, just launched their new wholesale program, which offers fully customizable versions of the recipe journal for spirit brands and distilleries.

Companies interested in POS and branded merchandise can customize Spirit, Mixer, Glass & Garnish to include their own branding and company information. Customization options include:

  • Front cover design
  • Title page design
  • Additional pages added to front and back of journal for:
  • Company Information
  • Signature recipes
  • List of Spirits

Spirit, Mixer, Glass & Garnish
is a hardback, liquid-resistant journal designed specifically for cocktail recipes. The 5x7 inch journal has space for over 180 recipes and is separated by spirit for easy navigation.

journal layout photo.png
The page layout of Spirit, Mixer, Glass & Garnish is designed for cocktail recipes

The journal has excited bartenders and home cocktail enthusiasts since its Kickstarter campaign in November 2016. “Spirit, Mixer, Garnish, & Glass cocktail recipe journal is a must-have for every cocktail enthusiast and bartender out there,” said Nikki Davidson, a baltimore-based Drink blogger.

“The bigger goal is to encourage people to pursue their passion for cocktails,” said Ben Putano, co-founder of Four Line Supply. “We wanted to create a beautiful product that was simple, interactive, and inspiring for both new cocktail lovers and experienced industry veterans.”

Four Line Supply is currently taking customized wholesale orders for their next print run. The order deadline for June delivery will be March 31, but Four Line Supply will continue taking orders throughout the Spring.

You can learn more about Four Line Supply and the wholesale program in their Wholesale Guide. Email if you are interested in a quote.

About Four Line Supply:
Four Line Supply is a US-based manufacturer and design firm that specializes in products for the Drink Industry. It was founded in 2016 by Ben Putano and Brett Vance in Dallas, TX. Four Line Supply’s first product, Spirit, Mixer, Glass & Garnish, started as a Kickstarter project in November 2016 and met its funding goal in just 5 days, going on to raise nearly $25,000 in 2 weeks.

About Ben Putano:
Ben is an entrepreneur and former service professional from Toledo, Ohio. He started Four Line Supply after working for Handground, another product design company that began as a Kickstarter Project. Through Four Line Supply, Ben plans to continue fulfilling his personal mission of inspiring others to follow their passion.


Four Line Supply Founders Brett Vance (left) and Ben Putano (right)

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